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Office of Student Affairs - Financial Aid


Financial Aid Office

801 N. Rutledge
Room 3080

PO Box 19624

Springfield, IL 62794-9624

Phone: (217) 545-2223
Fax: (217) 545-5538


Leslie Fry, Director

The SIU School of Medicine (SIUMED) Financial Aid Office (FAO) assists medical students by awarding financial aid to help pay for their medical education. The FAO will assist students with developing their financial aid package and will work to provide students with the financial assistance they need to meet the difference between their educational expenses and their available resources. Most financial need is met by combining various loan programs because scholarships are limited.

The FAO is available to assist students throughout their time as a medical student. Assistance includes questions, debt counseling, and obtaining short term emergency loans. As you read through our pages, we hope you will find the information useful. We wish you success in your medical academic career and hope to see you on our campus.