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Selecting a Medical School


Selecting which medical school to attend is a major decision. It is one that should be given much thought and subject to intense investigation. It is no doubt a personal decision. Selection factors will vary from student to student. Below is a list of some factors you may want to consider.

  • Class size; student/faculty ratio
  • Curriculum. In what type of curriculum would you learn best?
  • Costs; Financial aid
  • Geographic location
  • Housing
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Facilities
  • Support systems and counseling services
  • Student life
  • Residency placements/Match results

Applicants weighing decisions between multiple schools should make a decision on one of the schools by April 30th of the entering year. The Association of American Medical Colleges has a set of recommendations for applicants and schools regarding admissions decisions. They can be found here.

Please visit our Advantages page to learn more about why we think selecting SIUMED is an excellent decision.

Getting Started
Selecting a Medical School