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Office of Student Affairs - Admissions


Quick Facts

SIU School of Medicine accepts applications through the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). You can apply on-line at the AMCAS web site. All AMCAS applications receive an initial review. After this review, selected applicants are asked to submit supplementary information, including letters of recommendation. When all requested information has been provided, selected applicants are invited for personal interviews.

Application and Acceptance Timetable

Filing of formal application by applicant through AMCAS:

Earliest date: June
Latest date: November 15

Notification of acceptance by SIU:

Earliest date: November
Applicant deadline for
responding to acceptance offer:
Two weeks from date of receipt of notification

School application fee after screening: $75
Oldest MCAT scores considered: 2014 MCAT for 2017 applications

Note: To hold a place in the class, a deposit of $100 must be sent. The deposit is refundable until April 30th of the entering year.

Applications and Acceptances for the 2015 Entering Class

Total number of MD program applications (all IL) 1,337
Total number of MD/JD program applications 81
Number acceptances offered 156
Number of students enrolled 72
Mean age of enrolled students at time of application 23
Range (20-30)
Mean g.p.a. of enrolled students 3.65/4.00
Mean total MCAT score of enrolled students 30