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Primary Applications
SIU School of Medicine and most U.S. and Canadian allopathic medical schools utilize a common on-line application system called The American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). You can find out more about AMCAS by visiting their web site. Applicants submit all biographical, academic, and extracurricular information via AMCAS. This also includes MCAT scores.

Earliest filing date:
SIUMED AMCAS deadline: November 15
Note: Submission deadlines vary from school to school.

Secondary/Supplementary Application
Individual schools will send applicants secondary, sometimes called supplementary, applications to applicants after the AMCAS application is received. At this point applicants are usually asked to complete essays used to gauge how well an applicant fits with the individual institution’s mission and goals. During this time applicants are also asked to submit letters of recommendation in support of their application.

Many medical schools invite all applicants to complete secondary/supplementary applications. SIU School of Medicine will only send secondary/supplementary applications to approximately one third of applicants.

SIUMED secondary/supplementary application deadline: February 1
Note: Submission deadlines vary from school to school.

An admissions interview is the final step in the student selection process. All medical schools conduct interviews with prospective students before offering admission. Not every applicant, however, will be selected for an interview. Interview formats vary from school to school, but they all serve the same purpose. Schools use interviews to identify the applicants who best identify with the mission and goals of that particular institution.

SIU School of Medicine conducts interviews from Spetmber to March. To learn more about interviews at SIU School of Medicine visit our Interview Day page.

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