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NEUROLOGY Video Catalog


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SIU Faculty Videos

Higher Cortical Function (Dr. Ala)   48:42
Epilepsy and Seizures (Dr. Elsayed)   10:01
Guillain-Barre Syndrome (Dr. Gilchrist)   19:03
Myasthenia Gravis (Dr. Gilchrist)   21:58
Spontaneous Intracerebral Hemorrhage (Siddiqui)   15:05
The Treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury/ICP (Cozzens)   33:33
NeuroImaging (Dr. Mueed) -- coming soon!    

AAN Resources



American Academy of Neurology: Educational Resources


Other Videos



The Approach to Altered Mental Status   19:45 minutes
The Approach to Headache Part I   3:23 minutes
The Approach to Headache Part II   7:15 minutes
CVA Introduction   8:21 minutes
CVA Anatomy   7:32 minutes
CVA Evaluation   9:00 minutes
CVA Treatment with tPA   9:05 minutes
Intracranial Hemorrhage Part I Types   5:29 minutes
Intracranial Hemorrhage Part II Causes and Presentations   6:16 minutes
Intracranial Hemorrhage Part III History and Physical Exam   5:32 minutes
Intracranial Hemorrhage Part IV Investigations   7:31 minutes
Intracranial Hemorrhage Part V Initial Management   5:17 minutes
Meningitis Part I Pathophysiology and Presentation   5:37 minutes
Meningitis Part II Treatment and Investigations   4:47 minutes
Seizures (Status Epilepticus)   12:00 minutes




CORE Radiology Course    
#9 Neuro: Trauma   60 minutes
#10 Neuro: Vascular and HIV   60 minutes
Simple Cases    
#18:   75 year old man with memory problems   30 minutes
#25:   75 year old woman with altered mental status – Mrs Kohn   30 minutes

Khan Academy



Anatomy of a Neuron   6:12 minutes
Advanced Nervous System Physiology   (multiple parts)
Executive Systems of the Brain   (multiple parts)
Biological Basis of Parkinson’s Disease   7:45 minutes

Online MedEd



Stroke Video   26.15 minutes
Seizure Video   16:14 minutes
Tremor Video   17:32 minutes
Headache Video   15:53 minutes
Back Pain Video   16:21 minutes
Dementia Video   17:55 minutes
Dizziness   11:00 minutes
Coma   8:18 minutes
Weakness   19:20 minutes

The New England Journal of Medicine



Lumbar Puncture Video   11:00 minutes



The Neuro Exam Video   36 minutes

Self-Study Modules



Altered Mental Status    
Ataxic Accountant    
CNS Infection    
Electromyogram (EMG) and Electroencephalogram (EEG)    
EMG/EEG Handout in Color for Viewing online    
EMG/EEG Handout in Black/White for printing/notes    
Myasthenia Gravis    
Fluctuating Weakness    
Gait Disorders    
Gait Disorders.pdf    
LP-Cerebrospinal Fluid and lumbar puncture:  a practical review    
Stroke Syndromes