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Service Learning

Service learning is a form of experiential learning where people apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to address genuine community needs. Service-learning combines service to the community with student learning in a way that improves both the student and the community. It fosters civic responsibility and applies classroom and lifelong learning through meaningful service to the community. It includes preparation for experiences, active engagement in community service, and reflection upon the service learning experience.

The service learning component of the medical school curriculum is coordinated through the Education Subcommittee of the Community Health Policy Committee. The mission of the Community Health Policy Committee is to provide leadership and coordination in engaging our communities to improve health and well being through citizenship, service, education, research and advocacy.

Y2 Service Learning Required Experience Instructions

  1. Go to D2L home and go to service learning experience on the home page of Y2. All links you need are there.
  2. Sign up for your preferred service learning experience * follow all special directions provided
  3. The contact information for the site will be provided on the sign up page
  4. Contact the site as instructed and tell them you are a MS 2 at SIU SOM and that you would like to come and work with them as part of your required service learning experience
  5. You will need to set a 2-hour appointment with the site- the date listed is to indicate the week not the particular day
  6. Read at least one of the readings for your site prior to attending the activity
  7. Have representative from the site sign the green mentor card. This card will be turned into your nurse educator
  8. Go back to the D2L site and log your hours in after completion of time
  9. Write up a 2 page reflective piece and turn it in within 2 weeks to Emily Groepper at (look at guidelines for reflection writing on slides posted on D2L under Service Learning area)
  10. Your reflective writing will be assessed by an assigned faculty member using the reflective scoring sheet on D2L
  11. Feedback will be provided to you on your reflective writing at a later date.
  12. If you have questions or problems connecting with a site please contact Dr. Smith at
"Our mission is to realize the SIU School of Medicine’s commitment to service to the community by cultivating relationships with and among the communities we serve and working with them to improve the health and health care outcomes of people in the region."


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