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Community Health Policy Subcommittees



The Mission of the Advocacy Subcommittee is to improve the health of the region by influencing attitudes, stimulating action, and encouraging policies that support good health outcomes

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The mission of the Citizenship Subcommittee is to raise awareness and engagement of the SIU SOM faculty, staff, students and residents about community service opportunities.

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Community Engagement


The mission of the Community Engagement Subcommittee is to assist efforts of the Community Health Policy Committee (CHPC) towards health and well-being by developing and executing strategies reflecting the two-way exchange of ideas between targeted groups.


We propose to produce a structured, frequently meeting forum that originates, discusses and disseminates ideas consistent with the (CHPC) mission.

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Community service education is a form of experiential learning where people apply knowledge and critical thinking skills to address genuine community needs. Service-learning combines service to the community with student learning in a way that improves both the student and the community. It fosters civic responsibility and applies classroom and lifelong learning through meaningful service to the community. The Community Service Education Subcommittee is responsible for making sure that our SIU community has:

  1. An awareness of local resources
  2. Opportunities to provide community service and reflect upon the benefits of it
  3. An understanding of how to do a community needs assessment
  4. An understanding of how to begin to meet the community needs

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Research and Evaluation

The purpose of the Research and Technical Subcommittee is three fold:

  1. Create a database to be used to catalog and monitor School of Medicine community service, community engagement, and population health activities
  2. Establish a Community Research Council designed to include patient and community perspectives on research activities
  3. Provide technical support for the Community Health Policy Committee as a whole and subcommittees individually

The Research and Technical Subcommittee will work with the Community Health Policy Committee and the community to accomplish these objectives in keeping with the mission of both the Committee and the School as a whole.

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Databases for Outcomes and Population-Based Research

Community Health and Demographic Sources (CHADS)


"Our mission is to realize the SIU School of Medicine’s commitment to service to the community by cultivating relationships with and among the communities we serve and working with them to improve the health and health care outcomes of people in the region."


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